‘Murder-Set-Pieces’ Director Preps Next Pic

EXCLUSIVE: It’s been nearly a decade since Nick Palumbo earned notoriety and polarizing reviews for his ultraviolent Murder-Set-Pieces, a slasher pic about a femme-targeting serial murderer. At the time it was the first NC-17 film to hit theaters in decades and was even banned in the UK due to its depiction of sexual violence. Nine years later he’s reemerging with his follow-up, centered this time on a female killer. Psychological horror Muse introduces newcomer Samantha Mion as an actress descending into homicidal madness in Los Angeles. Patrick Scott Lewis (Zodiac) co-stars as a fellow actor. Palumbo wrote and will direct the pic, producing with David Palumbo and James Cullen Bressack (Hate Crime) for the trio’s Fright Flix banner.

This time around Palumbo’s not anticipating the kind of ratings issues that struck Murder-Set-Pieces. That pic made it to select theaters in NC-17 form but Lionsgate snipped it down to an R for home video. Universal, The Weinstein Co., Paramount, and 20th Century Fox released an unedited version in Europe and Asia but it was banned in the UK due to its depiction of sexual violence. Palumbo’s not anticipating similar problems with Muse, which will likely be cut to an R. He’s also set to direct the indie neo-noir thriller Last Gas Station later this year from his own script. Filming on Muse begins April 15 shooting on RED.

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  • GREAT. informing me in advance when a movie is shot on RED.
    Can anyone name ONE film that’s not a raging piece of garbage that was shot on those cameras?

    Oz.. Amazing Spiderman.. Pirates 4.. the list goes on.. ONLY exception I can think of is Social Network.. but Fincher is in his own class when it comes to Digital…

    yes, I like the Arri

    Comment by Red? — Tuesday April 2, 2013 @ 6:10pm PDT  
    • the RED has a sodium look that you can’t get rid of and it homogenizes the image quality. doesn’t matter where you get your DI done – it all looks the same. I’ve seen frame grabs from ultra low budget films shot on the RED side by side to Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and I can’t tell the difference, which is unfortunate because I consider David Fincher one of the few directors who has advanced the medium….at least I did.

      when you can emulate Zsigmond’s look of flashing in MCCABE AND MRS MILLER then I will be convinced sigital is the way to go.

      when you can emulate Hall’s look of having the chess board 11 stops over in SEARCHING FOR BOBBY FISCHER then I will be convinced digital is the way to go.

      I’ve asked ASC and Academy Award Winning DPs to emulate these looks using the RED and the ALEXA and they cannot.

      I highly recommend the documentary SIDE BY SIDE which is available streaming on Netflix for anyone interested in this argument.

      Luckily most studios still shoot 75% of their pictures on 35mm.

      Comment by Professor Falken — Wednesday April 3, 2013 @ 12:37pm PDT  
  • You also forgot Prometheus and Hitchcock. Both were made on a RED and equally sucked. The Arri Alexa is certinly in the right direction, but boy how I do miss film.

    Comment by cookS4 — Wednesday April 3, 2013 @ 8:43am PDT  
  • The timing of this announcement is fantastic. I just ordered, last week, both the “Director’s Cut” and the butchered LionsGate (for comparison) versions of “Murder-Set-Pieces”.

    Comment by CynicalCritic — Wednesday April 3, 2013 @ 9:30am PDT  

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